The program includes your driver training, Motorsport Australia licencing and race events. RaceAway puts you on the track in one of their fully prepared race cars, supplies the pit-crew, race manager and the support you need to be a success.


In order to prepare you for Bathurst, your training will consist of a custom designed program. Included are driver development days, Motorsport Australia requirements (including flag work), sprint and endurance racing across race tracks such as Pheasant Wood Circuit, Sydney Motorsport Park, Wakefield Park and others.


So, you've done it! You've completed Challenge Bathurst and you finished with a great result. What's next? Because of their industry position, Road to Bathurst can help you get the ride you're after. Motorsport is predominantly self-insured. So becoming a driver with real experience, backed by Road to Bathurst and RaceAway Track Time, will go a long way in finding you a seat, if that's what you're looking for. Alternatively, if you'd like to race your own car, whether you're wanting to race in the TA2's, RX8 Cup, or with the Toyota 86's, they can help you there too. Graduating the Road To Bathurst program is going to give you a great leg up, bringing you a huge insight into how motorsport actually works and what the best fit is going to be for you, moving forward.


After Road to Bathurst will help you towards your next goal.


Contact Karen, the Driver Program Manager to tailor a program that's right for you!


Road to Bathurst


Bathurst is one of the toughest motorsport circuits a novice driver can undertake...

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Driver Training

Road to Bathurst is tailored for ordinary, everyday people...

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The Pits

Race Team Manager, Phil Alexander, has decades of race experience...

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How long is the Road to Bathurst Program?

The program is formatted over 12 months. The driver program is tailored to your schedule as well as the race event calendar.

What tracks do you operate at?

We coach and race at circuits in NSW from Wakefield Park Raceway, Sydney Motorsport Park and Pheasant Wood Circuit. Our race cars are also available for racing at Queensland Raceway, Morgan Park Raceway, Phillip Island Circuit, Sandown and The Bend.

How can I become a race driver in Australia?

Drivers start with RaceAway Track Time by first attending a couple of track days to obtain their racing license. From there, entering lower level racing series to build on experience. We provide our graduates with racing options and introductions to pursue their motorsport dream.

After taking Road to Bathurst Program can I start a professional career?

Racing is like any other sport. That is, it takes many years of practice & competing at amateur levels before being picked up by a pro team. Like other sports, the athlete (in this case driver) will need to be able fund his career until making the transition to pro, and there are many drivers seeking pro drives with top teams. First step after taking the Road to Bathurst Program is to compete in a state series. We can provide our graduates with racing options and introductions to pursue racing at amateur levels leading to a professional career.

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