Registering and qualifying for The Road to Bathurst Program. It all starts with a Driver Track Day, come and show us what you've got!!


Registering & Qualifying for the Road to Bathurst Program – It all starts withDriver Track Day


All students entering the Road to Bathurst Program must first qualify by successfully completing a Driver Track Day. The Driver Track Day is held at the Pheasant Wood Circuit at Marulan, and is your introduction to Road to Bathurst offering you a look into the program and giving you the opportunity to show us what you’ve got out on the track.


During the Driver Track Day, you will:

  • Receive an introduction to motorsport*, racecars, professional race driving and the race track.
  • Drive in two fully prepared race/track cars from the RaceAway Track Time fleet.
  • Drive a minimum of 100 laps with on-track driver coaching, comprising both in car passenger tuition and solo driving.
  • Receive continuous individualised driver tuition with a qualified motorsport instructor and current professional race driver.
  • Receive detailed observation and session debriefs throughout the day, boosting your driver skillset and driving ability.
  • Receive an introduction to driver health and fitness.


All regulatory race requirements for the day, such as track day licencing are included.


* Your introduction to motorsport, led by professional driver & head coach Phil Alexander will include a morning track walk, safety briefing, overview of track protocols, education of the safety harness, front/rear wheel drive system + race seat set up as well as an introduction to professional race car driving (positioning, race lines, braking, efficient clutch control and shifting techniques).


At the end of the Driver Track Day, you will receive:

  • A professional driver evaluation, covering all aspects of your driving (the good and the bad).
  • An individual briefing from our Marketing & Branding Specialist to outline what is expected of drivers in terms of personal promotion and sponsorship.
  • A discussion with our head coach regarding your motorsport goals and suggested development pathways, including your suitability for the Road to Bathurst
  • An official Road to Bathurst Driver Track Day T-Shirt, and a USB with both your in-car GoPro Footage plus 5-10 professional photographs of you out on the track.


After your Driver Track Day


Aside from providing an introduction to motor racing, the main objective of the Driver Track Day is to determine your suitability to undertake the Road to Bathurst Program. If you qualify for that program, we’ll develop a specific roadmap to Bathurst based on our assessment of your driving skills and our discussions with you during the Track Day. A draft of your Roadmap will be sent to you within 7 days following your Driver Track Day, after which we’ll schedule a discussion with you to agree on the program aligned with your goals and budget. Note that the program is subject to your availability and upcoming race events.


No matter where you’re currently at on your journey, the Driver Track Day is a great introduction to motorsport and your qualifier into the Road to Bathurst program. For more information on upcoming dates and the costs involved please call 0472 535 354.