Driver Training


"There is a very real difference between driving a car fast and understanding how to deal with all the moving parts within a race. It's our job to expose you to as much possible, in a progressive way, so that y develop as a driver!"


Knowing that everyone is busy, starting their journey at different driving levels, is what the team at Road to Bathurst are used to. They will work with you to structure an individual program of events and training days throughout the year, that fit your schedule, progressing you through the Road to Bathurst levels, so that you're where you need to be for the Challenge. The end result is a set of dates tailored to you, where you'll Arrive & Drive, with everything from the race car to the pit set-up, ready to go.


“Why the variety, why not just start racing with my dream car?”


"We don't want you racing your wallet to find skill. " As a packaged program, you will have a set racing budget, making it easy for you to participate at varying levels of racing. All you need to do is Arrive and Drive. The best way to develop as a race driver, is to start in entry level racing, allowing you the time between corners to understand what's going on and prepare for what's next. In fact, many of RaceAway's elite drivers in performance cars, come back to the one make series in Pulsar or Excel racing, to refine their race-craft.

Road to Bathurst maintains over ten fully prepared race cars across varied classes. Many of them have competed in their respective classes with great success. The race car lineup includes a BMW M3, Mazda RX8, Toyota 86, Mazda MX5s NC & NA, Nissan Pulsars N14 & N15, Toyota Sportiva and Hyundai Excel ready to drive.

Racing is not just driving at track days. It involves managing cars approaching from behind, beside, and in-front, all while learning to keep the race line. Road to Bathurst develops your skills to take you upwards through the racing levels. Providing the training ground for you to gain experience of real racing.

Motorsport requires training like any other sport. If you go skiing, you always have a lesson to improve your technique. If you play golf, you have a lesson to improve your handicap. Road to Bathurst provides access to instructors that are experienced race drivers. Helping you to improve your skills at the track as well as giving you the confidence to drive at speed.

Throughout the year, you'll progress from sprint racing to the more demanding enduro racing. These entry level race cars are the perfect way to start racing. You will enjoy the journey, as it's just as exciting when you're racing amongst the field of cars.

If you have a goal to drive your dream car, then we can chip away at those lap times with skill and style to get you there.